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About last Saturday, ear piercing and Xmas concert


I forgot my key this morning. As usually we went out of the house together and Joop dropped Sky and I off nearby the school, on the way to his work. After making sure Sky was in her classroom I went home by train, and just in front of the gate of our house I realized I did not have my key with me.

So here I am, sipping a cup of ‘cafe con leche‘ at a cafe at the commercial centre, about 20 minutes walking from our home. Waiting for Joop to ride home during his lunch break to lend me his key. Writing a blog post to kill the time, about our weekend. Because last Saturday was one exciting day for Sky.

She had her ears pierced!!!


She was never as sure as now. In the Netherlands she was one of the last girls in the class without earrings. One by one her girlfriends got theirs, but Sky wasn’t really eager to get one. Interested in, yes, but it’s not before we’re in Spain that she mentioned her will to get pierced. We waited till the approaching Christmas holiday. Because she won’t be allowed to swim for 3-4 weeks. Next week she will have to miss one swimming lesson at school, then followed by 2 weeks holiday. So in the new year everything will be just healed and well.


Actually it goes really well already. She has got almost no pain. We could clean the ears, drip a bit of alcohol and turn the earrings around without any significant problems. And her excitement…it’s so amazing to see. How happy and proud she is. Beaming and glowing like a grown-up girl. And she is! Those small shiny things in her ears make her suddenly looks more mature…. Oh my mother’s heart…. ❤️


Where in the Netherlands it’s usually the jewellery stores that do ears piercing, in Spain you will have to go to a Farmacia (a pharmacy/drugstore). We went to a big Farmacia nearby our house on Friday, but were asked to come back on Saturday morning, because the lady specialized in piercing children’s ears will be available by then. So we did, and we were very satisfied with the unbelievably proffesional and super friendly service.


Sky was asked to choose which earrings she liked most; pink flowers it is. The lady drew two black dots on her earlobes and before we knew it she already punched one ear. One minute later the other one. So quick, and almost painless (according to Sky)! Mission completed and another milestone achieved!


But the Saturday was not over yet. While Sky was still hyper-enthousiast about her new look, at 4 she had to be at school, wearing her full uniforms. For the grand rehearsal of the yearly Christmas concert! At 6 we, the parents and other guests, were welcomed at the school’s Auditorium. After some instrumental performances by senior students and music teachers, all the first grade students (well, not all, about two third of all students because participation is not obligatory), wearing Santa hats (so cute!) came onto the stage and performed the Christmas songs. 2 English songs, 2 in Spanish and 2 in Catalan. It was so entertaining. We had such a fun and memorable night.


Watching her singing those songs, in 3 languages she barely knew 4 months ago… I was so moved. This whole adventure, we can’t be sure of anything. But one thing I’m sure of: it will bring many more beautiful moments like this in our path. 🙂

my e-bike is stolen :(


It’s not always sunshine and roses (or palm trees) here in Spain. My e-bike is stolen last week. My beloved bike, just bought it almost 2 months ago because of the challenging hilly streets in this country. I parked it outside the train station (FGC) nearby our house in the morning, brought my daughter to school, me myself to the Spanish course, and when I got back to the station it was gone. Later (of course, it’s always later…) I regretted not to park the bike inside the station, where they at least have a camera above the vending machines. And I heard many stories about this kinds of bike theft in our city Sant Cugat. Mostly from public places, and usually when the thief has lurked for some days to know your habit; the days and time you usually park the bike.


I went to the police the next day (Mossos, it’s Catalonian police) to make a Denuncia (a form where all data about the theft is recorded). Luckily a very nice Spanish lady, my conversation partner I knew from my Spanish course, was able and willing to accompany me to the Mossos. Because all was done in Spanish and Catalan. It made things just much easier, especially when your head was not fully aware yet of the matter. Based on police’s advice, I went to some bike store and secondhand shop in the city to report my case (where the people were really helpful and nice), and mailed many similar shops in regio Barcelona. I got many supportive responses and that soothes the pain a bit. Plus I look at the secondhand websites almost everyday. Just in case. And to give myself the feeling that I am doing at least something…

So here’s the bike, in case someone sees it on the street or somewhere else. A white foldable electric bike Nilox X1, with serial number ends on 769. At that moment it had a foldable Bobike Junior children seat at the back, but it’s demountable for sure.


At last we asked the police if they had some advices for the future. Very short answer: “No.” Very discouraging. It seems like there is no safe place for bikes anymore. Especially the pricy ones. No matter what kind of lock or chain you use. If they want it they will get it. For now I’m back to my trusty friend, my old bike I brought over from the Netherlands. This bike has stayed overnight for many times outside the supermarkt and the same station, and survived. I think the thief doesn’t think it’s worthed to steal it. :))