Welcome in our little world!

This is a blog about our little wonder and an almost daily journal from the life of our busy toddler, Sky Kirana van Tuil.

Written by the proud mama and papa, Stella and Joop.

Bilingual, because mama Stella is born and raised in Indonesia, before she stayed in the Netherlands after married to papa Joop. 😉

All the posts are divided with ***, the first part is Indonesian and the second one is Dutch. Both parts have, in 95% of the case, similar content. Sometimes I have to explain things more in Indonesian or in Dutch (usually if it is country or culture related), that’s where the 5% goes.

And if you wonder why there are some full English posts in-between, this is the reason why. 🙂

The English posts are listed here below (for the time being I’m still organizing the blog with probably an extra tab for the full English posts):

–  20140428 Why we give our daughter second-hand stuff.

20140515 Tips for parents who think their toddler might need to wear glasses.

20140808 Why I teach my daughter to share and to be kind.


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