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‘last-time’ blues


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I think I start to get some ‘last-time’ blues. Now the moving date is getting closer (somewhere in August), I start to think about every last-time I still want to do in the Netherlands. Everytime I visit a place I don’t often visit or do things I don’t often do, my mind jumps into conclusion: “This could be the last-time I visit this place, or do this thing”. And maybe not only for me, but mainly for my daughter. I keep thinking: “Has she seen enough from this land? Enough to give her memories of her birthland?”

Ridiculous of course. We make memories all the time and we will keep making it, wherever we will live. But still…that feeling… It’s not necessarily a negative feeling, nor a positive one. But it does give some boost into action. For example, I have lived almost 16 years in the Netherlands and I have never visited the Keukenhof; “the most beautiful spring garden in the world” as their website promised… until this spring! Well I have to, and so I showed it to my daughter too. First foto above is from Keukenhof (and despite all the tourists, it was super pretty!). And next to that we have visited a windmill, watched a flower parade, visited a castle and some musea, experienced the yearly military parade on the liberation day, and for the last-time (there we go again) visited the safari park we have been members for 3 years.

So we start to end some journeys here in this country. But where a door closes, another one will open. And we will keep writing the memories in our life book, closing a chapter and ready for a new one. 🙂

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In the Netherlands, school fee starts from age 18



This is a short explanation to accomodate the many questions and comments I received about our choice of Montessori elementary school for Sky. Many think it’s an expensive decision, and in one way I can understand this misunderstanding. Lots of Montessori schools abroad are considered private and special schools, therefore having (much) higher tuition fees than public schools. But we’re just so lucky living in the Netherlands. Because the Dutch government equally subsidizes all type of (formally registered) schools starting from the elementary school (4-12 years old) and the high school (12-16 or 12-18 years old, depending on the choice and ability of the children). Tuition fees will apply completely for education levels after that. Although schools are officially free of charge, they may ask for a parental contribution (for example for school trips, holiday celebration, teacher’s gifts etc). This could vary per school, but is never that high as people might think. For your idea: the parental contribution asked by the Montessori school of our choice is 60 euro per year.



blog1Ini penjelasan singkat menyangkut tulisan sebelumnya mengenai pilihan kami untuk menyekolahkan Sky di SD Montessori. Banyak komentar dan pertanyaan yang masuk karena semua orang mengira ini adalah pilihan yang mahal. Di satu sisi aku bisa mengerti kesalahpahaman ini, karena memang sekolah Montessori di negara-negara lain biasanya tergolong sekolah privat atau khusus, yang uang sekolahnya biasanya (jauh) lebih mahal daripada sekolah negeri. Tapi kami memang sangat beruntung tinggal di negeri Belanda. Karena pemerintah Belanda secara merata memberi subsidi kepada semua sekolah dari segala jenis (kalau terdaftar secara resmi lho ya). Mulai dari SD (umur 4-12 tahun) sampai SMP/SMA (umur 12-16 atau 12-18 tahun, tergantung jenis sekolah dan kemampuan anaknya). Uang sekolah akan mulai berlaku sepenuhnya untuk pendidikan tinggi seperti Universitas dan Hogeschool (semacam sekolah teknik). Tapi, biarpun resminya tidak ada uang sekolah alias gratis, sekolah berhak meminta iuran atau kontribusi dari orang tua murid. Biasanya digunakan untuk membiayai tur wisata, perayaan saat liburan, hadiah untuk guru dll. Besarnya kontribusi bervariasi per sekolah, tapi tidak pernah terlalu besar. Sekedar memberi gambaran: kontribusi ortu murid yang diminta oleh SD Montessori tujuan kami adalah 60 euro setahun (dengan kurs hari ini, setara dengan 909 ribu rupiah).



Dit is een korte uitleg om de vele vragen en commentaar met betrekking tot de vorige post op deze blog te “beantwoorden”. Vele denken dat het een dure grap is, en voor mensen buiten Nederland is het meestal inderdaad zo. In andere landen is een Montessori school meestal beschouwd als een privĂ© of speciaal school, met (erg) duur schoolgeld. Maar we treffen het toch zo hè, dat hier in Nederland alle scholen evenredig gesubsidieerd zijn, zowel de basisschool als het voortgezet onderwijs. Schoolgeld geldt pas op hoger onderwijs, meestal na het 18e jaar. Maar het klopt natuurlijk wel, dat hoewel de scholen in principe gratis zijn, er altijd ouderbijdrage gevraagd wordt (voor schoolreisje, schoolfeest of -vieringen, carnaval, cadeau voor de juffen enz). Dit kan variĂ«ren per school, maar is nooit erg hoog. Voor het idee: de ouderbijdrage van de Montessori Basisschool van onze keuze is 60 euro per jaar.