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March is her special month


The previous post is about us, and this one is for Sky. Because March is a special month for her, she turned 7 two weeks ago!!! And there are more awesome memories made as well.

It started late February, when all 4 the classes of her grade performed a small musical-theatre. Her class played a piece from the movie Lion King. We enjoyed all the performances, but the big surprise came at the final stage. When all children came into the stage and received our applause. Then two girls stepped forward…and the third one…was Sky!!! They thanked the audience for coming and hoped that we enjoy the show. Sky was the first one to get the microphone in her hand…she did really well, saying those sentences in English! The second girl in Catalan, and the third one in Spanish. Wowww, can you imagine how surprised and proud we are?! Later that day Sky told us it was quite a surprise for her as well, because the teacher just asked her in the morning to do that. Probably not to make her nervous before the big day, understandable.


And then there’s the Carnival. While the essence is the same compared to the Netherlands: dress-up, party, having fun…but it feels like the Carnival here is more enjoyable. Could be because it’s our first one, haha! But it seems like the ambience is more friendly and as usual, more relaxed. There’s more culture involved (ball de gitanes the day before and the children dance and parade at the kids carnival), no drunk folks (well I know we live in a small city, it could be a different story in Barcelona), no hard music and screaming and overdosing… it’s just so nice and pleasurable.


Carnival at her school. She dressed up as Anna…the climbing Princess πŸ™‚


Ball de Gitanes (Ball of Gypsies), a typical Catalans dance which is always held during or before the Carnival.


Children Carnival


Small parade in our neighbourhood

The big moment: her birthday party!!!
It is actually on the 28th of March. But since the class’ agreement is to celebrate once a month, so Sky celebrated her birthday together with a boy who’s also having his birthday in March. So the party is 11 days earlier than her real birthday, as a compromise.
The party was held at a science centre and the kids got two workshops: assembly a drawing robot and make slime (you know; that sticky rubber-y substance which we all prefer not to have at home, let alone to make at home!) πŸ˜€ They all enjoyed it, and we the parents also, as we got to know each other better with a cup of coffee in a nearby cafe.


Blow the candle…7 years old!




Drawing robots

There are also two “first-time” moments this month:

We went to the dentist for the first time in Spain, all three of us. First for regular check-up, but it appears that Sky and Joop need some extra treatments. So in the coming weeks we will be busy with some more dentist visits. When everything is done I will write the story in a blog post.

And the second one was the least fun one: Sky was sick for the first time that we’re living here. Two days before her birthday she came home from school with fever, which continued the next day. Luckily no other symptoms, only high temperature. On her birthday she already felt much better, but we still kept her at home. We went to buy a small cake and celebrated a little at home.


Some more fun photo’s from this month:


Egg in vinegar experiment


(learning to) skate πŸ™‚


And lotsssss of fun and play! πŸ™‚



March festivals and visits


Saving and sharing some photo memories we made the last weeks, especially in March. All about festival, cultures, events and places to visit…such a lovely time!


Llum Bcn (Barcelona light festival), 15-17th Feb 2019

Ball de Gitanes, Sant Cugat, 2nd March 2019


Sant Medir, Collserola, 3rd March 2019

Children Carnival, Sant Cugat, 3rd March 2019


Carnival, Barceloneta, 10th March 2019


A show “Historia de una semilla”, CaixaForum Barcelona, 24th March 2019


MontjuΓ―c, Barcelona


CosmoCaixa, Barcelona

‘last-time’ blues


blog 2

I think I start to get some ‘last-time’ blues. Now the moving date is getting closer (somewhere in August), I start to think about every last-time I still want to do in the Netherlands. Everytime I visit a place I don’t often visit or do things I don’t often do, my mind jumps into conclusion: “This could be the last-time I visit this place, or do this thing”. And maybe not only for me, but mainly for my daughter. I keep thinking: “Has she seen enough from this land? Enough to give her memories of her birthland?”

Ridiculous of course. We make memories all the time and we will keep making it, wherever we will live. But still…that feeling… It’s not necessarily a negative feeling, nor a positive one. But it does give some boost into action. For example, I have lived almost 16 years in the Netherlands and I have never visited the Keukenhof; “the most beautiful spring garden in the world” as their website promised… until this spring! Well I have to, and so I showed it to my daughter too. First foto above is from Keukenhof (and despite all the tourists, it was super pretty!). And next to that we have visited a windmill, watched a flower parade, visited a castle and some musea, experienced the yearly military parade on the liberation day, and for the last-time (there we go again) visited the safari park we have been members for 3 years.

So we start to end some journeys here in this country. But where a door closes, another one will open. And we will keep writing the memories in our life book, closing a chapter and ready for a new one. πŸ™‚

blog 2f

blog 2g


a photo from exactly one year ago


blogSedang sibuk nih. Setiap setengah tahun aku sibuk menyortir foto untuk dicetak. Yang artinya: ratusan foto dari setengah tahun terakhir harus disortir, dibetulkan formatnya (kolase foto harus diberi sisi-sisi tambahan supaya formatnya 2 lawan 3, supaya kalau dicetak tidak dipotong semena-mena), lalu foto-foto pilihannya dimasukkan ke folder terpisah, diberi nomer (alias tanggal fotonya ditulis sebagai judul foto, supaya nanti gampang memasukannya ke album foto), lalu dikirim untuk dicetak. Proses yang makan waktu lama. Bisa berminggu-minggu, bahkan berbulan-bulan, sebelum semuanya selesai. Dan kalau sudah selesai dan fotonya dicetak, sudah hampir harus mulai menyortir foto-foto baru lagi, haha…Makan waktu, bukan cuma karena langkah-langkah seperti tertulis di atas ini, tapi terutama karena kalau sudah melihat-lihat foto-foto lama sering lupa waktu, hehe, seru mengaduk-aduk isinya, mengenang momen-momennya, menyadari betapa cepatnya waktu berlalu, tenggelam dalam memori, tidak bisa memilih foto yang mau dicetak, dan harus mengulang melihat-lihat semuanya lagi, hehe…Jadi kalau di waktu mendatang blog ini isinya agak berkurang harap maklum ya, sekarang sudah tahu kan alasannya. πŸ˜€ Oya, dan tentunya foto yang menyertai pos ini harus foto lama ya, ini foto Sky persis setahun yang lalu…lucuuu… πŸ™‚


Ik ben bezig met mijn half-jaarlijkse foto-afdruk moment. Dat wil zeggen: de (honderden!) foto’s van de laatste half jaar sorteren, afdruk-klaar maken (al de collage’s waar wij zo dol op zijn moeten in het formaat van 2 tegen 3, dus extra randen maken om ongewenst verkleinen/snijden bij het afdrukken te vermijden), in een aparte map zetten, nummeren (eigenlijk datum als titel zetten, om ze straks in het fotoalbum makkelijk te plaatsen), en daarna bestellen. Een vrij tijdrovend proces, het duurt altijd weken, zo niet maanden, voordat ik klaar ben. En zodra alles gereed is is het meestal alweer bijna tijd om het volgende foto-afdruk moment te reserveren, haha…Tijdrovend, niet alleen door al de beschreven stappen, maar vooral door het alsmaar bladeren in de mappen, de “oude” foto’s terugkijken, beetje mijmeren over hoe snel het allemaal gaat, beetje dagdromen en de mooie momenten in gedachte terughalen, kan niet kiezen, dus toch nog een keer alles bekijken…Als er weinig nieuwe verhalen in deze blog de komende tijd te lezen valt, dan weten jullie bij deze alvast de reden. πŸ˜€ Β Oja, en dan kan ik natuurlijk niet laten om een foto van Sky precies 1 jaar geleden bij deze post te plaatsen! πŸ™‚