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one happy cat



Lot, our cat, has never placed her feet on the grass before…till this week!
Her first owner lived in an appartment, and when she came to stay with us exactly one year ago (she was one year old at that time, now just turns two), we decided to also keep her inside. Our garden was very small and the streets around the house were too busy. Plus some bad experiences with our previous cat, who -once allowed to go outside- would fight with all neighbour’s cats, killed the birds, went into neighbour’s house and pooped in their garden…
But then we moved here in Spain. In a new house with perfect backyard (with real grass!) and extra terraces. We think: “why not?” Let’s give it a try!
So there she was, for the very first time in her life, sniffing the real fresh air and feeling the morning dew under her feet. Covered in spider web and running after butterflies. Trying to catch every insects between the grass. She danced and made air-salto’s…so happy…and when tired settled down under the palm trees.


But, she’s only allowed to go outside under our supervision, and may not climb on/over the fence (yet). We know her well. She’s a very playful, curious and enthousiast young cat, who loves adventures and new things. And we have been living in this new house for too short of a time to be sure that she knows how to come back after a walk. Another thing: in these 3 weeks we only saw once a cat wandered on the street. Maybe we haven’t seen them yet, but for sure we won’t take the risk to be complained by our new neighbours about our cat’s behaviour!

We noticed that through the branches of this olive tree, she can easily reach the fence and jump to the other side. So it becomes a restricted area, at least for now:


Sky “called” her to ask whether everything is okay there under the palm trees:

Our terrace, she always walks along with us if we sit there:


One thing less nice is, just like any other cats will do I suppose, once she tastes the outdoor life like now, she will meow everytime she thinks it’s time to play outside. And that means a lot of meowing during the day. Luckily she is a lady with quite a soft voice. Our previous cat was a big male who would growl like a bear, haha…


memories, work, fun, and dance



Foto atas:
Menelusuri memori di dalam album foto, dari sejak Sky baru lahir sampai kira-kira tahun lalu (fotoΒ tahun ini belum dicetak sih). Kami senang bahwa Sky bisa menikmati melihat-lihat kembali foto-foto dan video lamanya seperti ini. πŸ™‚

Foto tengah:
Pabrik kartu Natal kami sedang berproduksi penuh, hehe…
Sky menempel foto dan stiker, menulis namanya sendiri, mengecap stempel (nama keluarga kami), dan menempel perangko khusus Natal di amplop. Pekerja kecil yang sangat rajin!

Foto bawah:
Foto yang ditempel di kartu Natal pinggirannya harus digunting. Dari kertas sisa guntingan itu papa membuat film, dengan menggambar orang-orangan yang berubah sedikit-sedikit lalu menggerakkan kertasnya dengan cepat sehingga terlihat bergerak seperti film. Sky juga mau meniru membuat sendiri. Jadilah seri di bawah ini, di mana rambut bonekanya tumbuh makin lama makin panjang.

Video bawah:
Dengan bangga kami mempersembahkan, satu-satunya show unik nan cantik: “Ballet denganΒ Otopet”!!! πŸ™‚



Foto boven:
Bladeren door de vele herinneringen…Sky’s foto albums, vanaf haar geboorte tot ongeveer vorig jaar (foto’s van dit jaar moeten nog ‘gedaan’ worden). We vinden het heel gezellig dat Sky het leuk vindt om “oude” foto’s en video’s te bekijken. πŸ™‚

Foto midden:
Onze kerstkaart-productielijn in volle gang, hihi…
Sky plakt de foto’s en stickers, schrijft haar eigen naam op,Β drukt onze familie stempel, en plakt de kerstzegels op de enveloppen. Een super hulpje!

Foto onder:
De foto’s voor de kerstkaarten moeten allemaal geknipt worden. Van de geknipte randjes maakte papa een filmpje, met steeds iets anders getekend poppetje. Sky wilde ook eentje maken, en dit is het resultaat: poppetje met haar dat steeds gaat groeien!

Video onder:
Met trots presenteren we, de enige echte voorstelling van “Ballet met de Step”!!! πŸ™‚