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I think I start to get some ‘last-time’ blues. Now the moving date is getting closer (somewhere in August), I start to think about every last-time I still want to do in the Netherlands. Everytime I visit a place I don’t often visit or do things I don’t often do, my mind jumps into conclusion: “This could be the last-time I visit this place, or do this thing”. And maybe not only for me, but mainly for my daughter. I keep thinking: “Has she seen enough from this land? Enough to give her memories of her birthland?”

Ridiculous of course. We make memories all the time and we will keep making it, wherever we will live. But still…that feeling… It’s not necessarily a negative feeling, nor a positive one. But it does give some boost into action. For example, I have lived almost 16 years in the Netherlands and I have never visited the Keukenhof; “the most beautiful spring garden in the world” as their website promised… until this spring! Well I have to, and so I showed it to my daughter too. First foto above is from Keukenhof (and despite all the tourists, it was super pretty!). And next to that we have visited a windmill, watched a flower parade, visited a castle and some musea, experienced the yearly military parade on the liberation day, and for the last-time (there we go again) visited the safari park we have been members for 3 years.

So we start to end some journeys here in this country. But where a door closes, another one will open. And we will keep writing the memories in our life book, closing a chapter and ready for a new one. 🙂

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  1. Ha Stella, last times hier = first times daar. Je hebt ook 16 jaar geleden de stap gezet om naar NL te komen. Misschien dat je, als je wat jonger bent en geen kinderen hebt, niet zo bewust bezig bent met herinneringen verzamelen. Maar zo te zien zijn het prachtige last memories 🙂

  2. Hoi Stella, Sky en Joop,
    Ja schiet al aardig op…augustus….spannend hoor. En we begrijpen de Last Time Blues best wel maar jullie zullen het in Barcelona ook super goed doen. Dat weten we zeker.
    Wij zijn net terug van een rondje Spanje. Prachtig land! We hebben Barcelona maar overgeslagen…..doen we wel als jullie er wonen. 🙂
    Groetjes van Iman en Jannie

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