Spain, our next home :)



I write this post in English. Not in line with our blog title “bilingual…” but if you read this post you’ll understand why. And maybe I will continue this, to write only in English. First it saves me a lot of time, second I need to practice my English again, third it will probably reach more public, and last but not least it’s like setting up a mental boundary for the coming period in our family.

Because this summer, in August, will be HUGE for our family. We’re going to have one very important milestone. Maybe as important as the birth of our daughter, haha…
We’re going to MOVE…to Barcelona! To EMIGRATE…to Spain!!!

blog1This will be my second emigration (my 3rd country, and my 8th city), but 15 years ago I did it all alone. Now I have a family and a cat, and lots of stuff (way too much!) and we will do this together.

My husband Joop gets a beautiful opportunity to work in his company’s branch in Barcelona, and we decided to grab this golden chance with both hands. It will be a family adventure. Will not be easy peasy for sure, but we will come, see, and overwin. 🙂 Spain is a beautiful country, with great food and a better climate than the Netherlands (ha!). I believe they have friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere too, and I love the language ever since I was young (not that I’m that old…).

Sky has the perfect age to start the Primary school there (the Spanish ‘Primaria’ starts at the age of 6). She has a great advantage of being a year ahead of her peers so she can focus on learning the language in the first years. The intention is to have an international school as her new school, so English, Spanish, and Catalan are the languages she will learn. And so do we!

blog4These months will be hectic and exciting at the same time. Luckily we don’t own a house anymore, so we can just notify the landlord of our current house, pack up our stuff and move. Rest still the administrative matters, in both countries: unsubscribe/subscribe, permits, insurances, regulations, legal stuff… We’re busy organizing everything, finding out information, and doing what needs to be done, step by step. We will try to share things regularly through this blog.

But we are parents in the first place. It’s not easy for Sky, and we’re doing our best to be next to her, to support her through the process. To wipe her tears and to listen to her doubts. To tell her what we already know and to sit down together to search the answers of her many questions (“Do they also have lice-mothers there?”). But also to share the excitement and fantasize the great things which will surely come to our path. It will be…awesome!!! 🙂



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  1. Oh wat super spannend! Emigreren naar Spanje….of wordt het Catalonië?…. Spannend en opwindend voor jullie alle drie (4 incl poes). Wij vinden het leuk en spannend jullie te volgen in deze nieuwe fase in jullie leven en wensen jullie alvast heel veel succes!
    Hartelijke groeten van Iman en Jannie

    • Zeker spannend voor ons alle drie. Het is een stap die we nu kunnen maken en voor ons gevoel is het nu het juiste tijdstip. Sky is jong en oud genoeg. Jong genoeg om in de klas met allemaal leeftijdsgenoten de talen (engels, spaans en catalaans) en de cultuur te leren. Oud genoeg om te beseffen dat we dit met z’n drieën gaan doen.
      Wij zijn ook benieuwd wat er allemaal in deze blog komt te staan. Wellicht ook een verslag van een bezoek vanuit Oude-Tonge… Groetjes Joop.

      • Jahaha… goed mogelijk. We zijn nu al in de buurt. We zijn nu in Andorra, morgen gaan we skiën. Maar jullie zitten nu weer en nog in Nederland. Wie weet komen we en keer in de buurt als jullie er wonen. Leuk dat jullie alvast een voorproefje hebben genomen. Grtjs

  2. Hi!!! I’m from Barcelona 😀 Well, I’m only 15 years old, and I live in Tarragona, but I was born in Barcelona, and it’s like it was my city 🙂

    Parlo català, espanyol, anglès i una mica de francès (ens ensenyen francès i anglès a l’escola) i aprenc italià, euskera (el meu idioma preferit) i una mica de portuguès. Sí, ja sé que amb quinze anys és estrany, però aprendre idiomes és de les coses que més m’agraden. I ensenyo català a la gent que no en sap 🙂

    Espero que estigueu bé i feliços a Barcelona 😀 Molts petons i una forta abraçada!
    I, si necessiteu ajuda amb el català o l’espanyol, només pregunteu’m-ho 🙂 Adéu!

    Hablo catalán, español, inglés y un poco de francés (nos enseñan francés e inglés en la escuela) y aprendo italiano, euskera (mi idioma favorito) y un poco de portugués, Sí, ya sé que con quince años es extraño, pero apreder idiomas es de las cosas que más me gusta. Y enseño catalán a la gente que no sabe 🙂

    Espero que estéis bien y felices en Barcelona 😀 ¡Muchos besos y un fuerte abrazo! ¡Y, si necesitáis ayuda con el catalán o el español, solo preguntádmelo! 🙂 ¡Adiós!

    I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and a little of French (in school they teach us French and English), and I’m learning Italian, Euskera (my favourite language) and a little of Portuguese. Yeah, I know that it’s so weird, from a girl who is 15 years old jajajaj, but learning languages is one of the things I love doing. And I teach Catalan to people who don’t know Catalan 🙂

    I hope that you’ll be okay and happy in Barcelona 😀 Lots of kisses and a strong hug! And, if you need help with Catalan or Spanish, only ask me 🙂 Bye!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your nice comment! Muchas gracias, me gusta mucho! I enjoy comparing the three languages in your comment, I learn from it. 🙂 Thanks again…big hugsss!!

  3. hai..mama..saya mengikuti blog ini sejak Sky kecil.dah lama gak buka..kaget liat udah gak ada baha sa indonesianya lagi.CMIIW.wah..kapan berubahnya mom?apakah u setreusnya?

    • Hai Fitri,
      Wah senangnya…ada yang udah lama bgt ngikutin blog ini ternyata. 🙂 Iya, Februari lalu saya ganti bahasa blog-nya ke bhs.Inggris saja, karena kami skrg tinggal di Spanyol (sudah 2 bulan ini), tidak lagi di Belanda. Jadi supaya pembaca blog-nya semua bisa ngerti, dan saya juga harus latian bhs.Inggris lagi, hehe…Selain itu buat ngirit waktu juga, menulis dalam 2 bahasa itu ngehabisin banyak sekali waktu. Jadi begitu pertimbangannya… Moga2 bisa dimaklumi ya, semoga ngga kapok berkunjung dan tetap bisa menikmati cerita2 kami di sini (lagi seru2nya nih karena baru pindah negara, hehe). Salam hangat!!! 🙂

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