5 years old! ♥ (and other moments)


blog 4d

Banyak sekali yang terjadi 2 minggu belakangan ini. Saking banyaknya sampai susah memutuskan persisnya mau menulis apa. Jadilah begini saja, kumpulan foto-cerita-kolase dari semua kejadian itu. Rangkaian kenangan dan moments yang tidak boleh terlupakan. Begitu berharga…
Tentu saja dimulai dari momen yang paling istimewa : Sky berulang tahun yang ke-5!!!
(sesudah itu sementara beralih ke bahasa Inggris ya, karena susah ternyata menulis dalam dua bahasa kalau foto2nya berurutan begini).


Er gebeurt de laatste weken zo veel…zó veel dat het overweldigend wordt en ik niet kan beslissen waarover ik precies wil schrijven. Dan maar een soort van foto-verhaal-collage van alle gebeurtenissen bij elkaar maken. Een ratjetoe van herinneringen en momenten die nooit vergeten mogen worden. Zo dierbaar en zo waardevol…
We beginnen natuurlijk met het belangrijkste moment : Sky is 5 jaar geworden!!!
(daarna alles even in het Engels, want het is best lastig om elke foto twee keer uit te leggen).

blog 3

She didn’t want a birthday party, instead she asked if we could go see some ‘new’ animals. So the day after her birthday, we went to a zoo we’ve never been before. We got lucky, she was chosen to kiss the seal! (very wet, she said afterwards) 😀

blog 3a

blog 4

We went for a routine half-yearly eye-check. The orthoptist said her glasses are getting too small for her face. After 2,5 years she finally will get a new pair. Her eyes were dilated and examined. Good news: her cylinder drops by a half for both eyes!

blog 3b

Once in two months, parents are allowed to join the swimming lessons (or watch from the poolside). That Friday, we were lucky to watch her being promoted to the second class. This video shows when the teacher announced her promotion at the end of the lesson and asked her to show her leg strokes:

We also visited some green houses during their open day. Especially the bell pepper/paprika green house was quite special, because it has almost the same name as our family name (only slightly different in spelling).

blog 3dblog 4a
And we went to visit Oma, to celebrate Sky’s birthday. It was such a nice weather so we got some ice creams in the city centre, Grandma’s treats! 🙂

blog 4c

blog 4b

Sky also had a try-out violin lesson where the teacher uses a parent-student method, which means parents would have to follow the same lessons their children do, to be able to help and supervise them. This is just a try-out though… Sky likes it, but we think we would start with piano lessons first (being practical because I play piano and we have one at home).

blog 3e

Montessori day at school. Sky is chosen to perform one of the openingacts. She couldn’t sleep the night before, being so nervous. Well who wouldn’t, when the next day you have to stand on the stage in front of 650 people. But she did a great job, and was so relieved after the show!

blog 3f



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